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"Revenge isn't a vaild motivation if it's an emotional response. No. This isn't vengeance, it's punishment."

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Comments (10)

Banta came early?

Jerkoff came early, that's what!

Dont worry we still love you here at newgrounds! Have a good xmas

Thanks you too.

What do you mean jerk? Poozy is the best mod on this site.

You must be an obvious bootlicker poozy likes to have around.

Protip: The 1st amendment is not your free ticket to be a total dumbshit to whoever you like and get away with it, and even if it was, it doesn't apply to privately-owned websites. Cram that hurt back up your butt where it belongs.

I can state whatever I want as long as it puts nobody in harm. I never said anything that put someone in harm. Now obviously, you don't know the first amendment since you believe that it only applies to people that agree with you. You really are a dummy.

Poozy is the man.

You must be an obvious bootlicker poozy likes to have around.

This is why I don't like this emoticon, it's used by whiny crybabies.

That's funny because you're being a whiny crybaby right now.

I agree! Poozy is the epitome of everything wrong with this site; an abusive, egotistical mod who constantly makes low-rate sex jokes and flaunts his non-existent social life when it's perfectly transparent that he's a no-life dummy who still lives in his mother's basement!

I also detest that scummy, stereotypical middle-age Newgrounder personality he has! The fact that someone in their mid-30s could invest all their time into a mediocre, lackluster and borderline irrelevant website is beyond me...

Keep up the real talk, fellow crusader of justice! They can ban you all they want, but they will NEVER break your spirit because you are BETTER than them. Thank you for all you have done, and God bless!

Agreed. The power of reason and logic is more powerful than any web administrator tool they have to abuse. They'll see soon enough when traffic starts decreasing. The admins would have no other option but to get rid of this site because of their biased mods. They just keep it up with letting the mods banning us and they will get what's coming, I promise.

As I recall, I'm not the one whining about getting banned.

It won't be long until you follow RancidPsychoJosh's footsteps on getting years worth of banation.

They'd have to consult with the administrators first. I doubt the admins would allow them to ban me just for having opinions that differ from them. Basically, if you're a conservative Christian, you get banned. If you're a liberal atheist, you're allowed to post freely and however way you want. That's how everything works in today's new world order.