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Moderation Sucks!

Posted by hateyou1 - December 1st, 2011

The reason the thread was remade was because nobody answered my question, which was the primary reason I made it. There was complaining, but it wasn't the sole reason the thread was made. So I think I had a right to call a mod a jerk for misjudging the intention. Mods aren't "overlords" either, so stop acting like you're above the rules because it's apparent that the mods who lock my threads and ban me are intellectually beneath me. How can you "overrule" someone intellectually superior to you, poozy?

Comments (15)

You look like you have anger issues, but if you don't then try to question the question at a different website because few people are actually helpful.

You think? Came back after being gone for a couple of months just to ask a few questions and I get a ban? No wonder why this site is a joke!

deal w/ it

Already have, jerkoff!

Haven't you realized?You CAN'T revert a homepage back to the way it is.

Some homepages have the option of switching the view to "classic mode." That's what I think youtube should do.

Stop crying.

You must be more bored and stupid than I thought...

What an angry little man, no wonder why you didn't post in my thread.

Do you blog on moveon.org too, jerkoff?!

You give my hometown a bad name.

Your brony obsession along with n i ggers that play their loud bass sound at 3:00 am is what gives the hometown a bad name.

One hell of a temper tantrum, no wonder why you're spending timeout at that corner.

Or maybe because poozy is an arrogant self-centered jerk? Yeah, I believe that is the answer.

I Hate Him Too He Banned Me For No Reason Ps Im 11

Nah, real answer is that you're a little kid who couldn't deal with a little punishment so in response, you threw a fit.

Calm your nipples and you'll be fine.

I hate mods. Im sonicflare9


I normally do that when I try reasoning with kids that have zelda in their username seriously.

Go blow a puppy.

Nah. I'm sure you're the one who enjoys doing that.

he can overrule you because the Brothers Fulp and co. entrusted him with the responsibility to make sure that the various users obey the rules.

Go get some anger management, or at the very least just try to calm down. I'm not saying you should change your opinions, I'm just saying you really need to be less aggressive.

stop whining little bitch

Not whining. Just complaining and for very good reasons. Besides, why call me a little bitch when you're probably one of those typical NG users who weigh over 200 lbs?

LMAO! Even kazumazkan thinks you're a bitch.

You just might be a bitch.