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Unpatriotic Americans...

Posted by hateyou1 - July 4th, 2012

If you hate America or you don't think America is the best country, then why do you still live here? Just move out to a place that has the perfect "free social healthcare" that you love soo much. Don't kill this country because us Americans don't want to embrace Communism. Thanks.

P.S. Happy Independence Day. God Bless America.

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I'm here because of college.

Did you know that America used have the best education in the world? That was until anti-American politicians started running the country. Ironic isn't it how the so called "intellectuals" are actually dumbing down education instead of improving it?

Hm... what prompted this status, I wonder?

All the anti-American scum on this internet who keeps putting down my country. That my friend, is what made me get in a bad mood.

God bless America! :3

And what would qualify as an Anti-American Politician?

Also, don't forget some people don't have a choice where they want to live.

Not to mention that what makes America great is the fact that you can complain about it too. Freedom of Speech.

Lastly, Mathematically, America is not the best country anymore.
But that doesn't mean we should ignore that either.
It means that, as Americans, we should rise up to the challenge and make it #1 anymore.
Sadly, Ignorance predominates and it ends with an argument, ultimately accomplishing nothing.

We are the best country because we have the superior military. There is not one country that can take us out. I don't care if people said something similar about the titanic or AIG. We can literally take over the world if we want. However, anti-American and spineless cunts like Hilary Clinton is too busy apologizing to the world. Get rid of those politicians and the US will rise again!

"There is not one country that can take us out."

Your right (well, I believe you are, although China makes me wonder sometimes...). But you forget: If many countries joined forces, we would be wiped out from the face of the Earth.

Remember Germany and WWII?

Also, Military strength does not make a country great. Would America really be a great Country if indeed without a doubt all powerful yet with none of the freedoms of the Constitution?

Also, they apologize because we depend on other countries resources, like oil and manufacturing.

You are missing the big picture. We can just take their resources. What is the difference if we buy from them or if we take it? The difference is, we wouldn't be giving our money to them. You're also wrong about the whole world combined stopping us. No, we could easily take down every country (even China and Russia in the factor) combined. So yeah, anti-American cowards like Hilary Clinton are making us look weak while Panokio Hussein Obama sucks arab dick. If America was smart, then either Donald Trump or my father would be president of this country. Unofrtunately, you can't expect much from a group of people who take political advice from comedy central.

You do know that just Russia and China have more Nukes than us right?

And just China outnumbers us by about a billion people, right?
And that they have now build a more advanced fighter jet than us?

Also, haven't you heard of Russia's Dead Hand and Mutual Destruction?

Not only that, but those resources we depend on are in different locations in the world; we would be too spread out if we tried to take them at once.

We can't beat the world; our military is not that strong. That was the thinking of Hitler, the thinking of the Spanish Kingdom; all which fell because of their cockiness.

Also, we can't just take their resources; what would you do if someone tried to rob you? We would fail at that too.

I don't care. We can take them out. China doesn't even have a military, but they do have money. That can be a tactical advantage for us because we can take their money and put more funding in our military to destroy Russia. So it's killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Our military is that superior, but you refuse to look at the facts because you are being handfed by the biased, anti-American media.

BTW, none of those countries would use their nukes because they know that they would blow themselves up. Not to mention, they couldn't fire a missile that can even leave their country. So really, we have nothing to worry about.

If they couldn't fire a missle that left their country, then there wouldn't have been a Cold War -.-

Also, you don't seem to understand how economics works;
In war, money is almost meaningless, since is about resources (IE Gold, Oil, Weapons, Steel). Therefore, we can't "steal" their money. Also, they control our manufacturing, so if they wanted to do like Russia and destroy their own factories so that we can't use them we would be screwed (Which is why I support making stuff in America...).

And did you SERIOUSLY say China Doesn't have a military????????????
I'm going to suppose you had a moment of insanity there and blurted out something you didn't mean to.
Just use a tiny bit of Logic: If a country as small and weak as El Salvador has a military, then how the heck doesn't the country with the second biggest population on Earth not have a military?
Apart from that, don't you know that, due to their one child policy, every second child born in a family is forced to go into the military?

Heres some facts on just the size of the military, among other things:
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Armed_Forces">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Arm ed_Forces</a>
<a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/china-strengthens-military-pentagon-report-says/2012/05/18/gIQAgoGbZU_story.html">http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-s ecurity/china-strengthens-military-pentagon-re port-says/2012/05/18/gIQAgoGbZU_story.html</a>
<a href="http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/row/RL33153.pdf">http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/row/RL33153.pdf</a>

Lastly, how the heck is the US, with a total population of 311, 591, 917 (<a href="http://www.google.com/publicdata/explore?ds=kf7tgg1uo9ude_&amp;met_y=population&amp;idim=country">http://www.google.com/publicdata/explore?ds=kf 7tgg1uo9ude_&amp;met_y=population&amp;idim=cou ntry</a>:US&amp;dl=en&amp;hl=en&amp;q=us+populatio n)

Going to keep control of the resources/ defeat 6,583,002,927 (<a href="http://www.google.com/publicdata/explore?ds=d5bncppjof8f9_&amp;met_y=sp_pop_totl&amp;tdim=true&amp;dl=en&amp;hl=en&amp;q=population+of+the+world">http://www.google.com/publicdata/explore?ds=d5 bncppjof8f9_&amp;met_y=sp_pop_totl&amp;tdim=tr ue&amp;dl=en&amp;hl=en&amp;q=population+of+the +world</a>) people of the rest of the world?

Doesn't matter. Size does not equal quality. Superiority =/= size. The US has superiority. Russia and China doesn't. End of story.

it is nice to see that among a bunch of liberal socialist freedom hating communists there is another true patriot of America

my dear patriot, if you ever feel the need to speak to another patriotic and freedom loving / law abiding citizen of the great united states of America, then simply send your thoughts my way either via pm or on my page

remember, do not let the liberals intimidate you into believing their socialist ideals

we shall have a republican president to lead us out of these dark times under socialism , we will one day be unchained and once again, the world will know that name &quot;America &quot;, either by fear , or by love

Thank you. Unfortunately, it seems as if moderators ban people like us and let the communist loving pieces of garbage post all of their hate towards America. Talking to them does no good because their minds are soo backwards they don't even see how stupid they are. If things in our country doesn't do any better, we have no option but to start another civil war, but this time, against these anti-American pieces of crap that plagues this country.


If you hate America, then move to Europe. That country would suit the likes of you much better, faggot.

American Girls and American Guys We&acirc;EUTMll always stand up and salute We&acirc;EUTMll always recognize When we see Old Glory Flying There&acirc;EUTMs a lot of men dead So we can sleep in peace at night When we lay down our head

My daddy served in the army Where he lost his right eye But he flew a flag out in our yard Until the day that he died He wanted my mother, my brother, my sister and me To grow up and live happy In the land of the free.

Now this nation that I love Has fallen under attack A mighty sucker punch came flyin&acirc;EUTM in From somewhere in the back Soon as we could see clearly Through our big black eye Man, we lit up your world Like the 4th of July

Hey Uncle Sam Put your name at the top of his list And the Statue of Liberty Started shakin&acirc;EUTM her fist And the eagle will fly Man, it&acirc;EUTMs gonna be hell When you hear Mother Freedom Start ringin&acirc;EUTM her bell And it feels like the whole wide world is raining down on you Brought to you Courtesy of the Red White and Blue

Justice will be served And the battle will rage This big dog will fight When you rattle his cage And you&acirc;EUTMll be sorry that you messed with The U.S. of A. `Cause we`ll put a boot in your ass It`s the American way

Hey Uncle Sam Put your name at the top of his list And the Statue of Liberty Started shakin&acirc;EUTM her fist And the eagle will fly Man, it&acirc;EUTMs gonna be hell When you hear Mother Freedom Start ringin&acirc;EUTM her bell And it feels like the whole wide world is raining down on you Brought to you Courtesy of the Red White and Blue


Please just say &quot;n****rs&quot; and get account IP banned already.

Why would I get banned for calling a n!gger a n!gger? Besides, IP bans are easy to get around anyways.

If you honestly think that free healthcare is a bad thing, you should leave this fucking country. Sick of people dying because they can't avoid they help they need. As well there is a difference between being patriotic and being delusional and feeling you are a superior, which is what you seem to radiate.

Nothing in the world is free, kid. Someone has to pay for healthcare. Do you think Obama and his cronies pay for it out of their own pockets? Talk to me again when you are living in reality, child.