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Banned from Gamefaq's forum ONCE again...

Posted by hateyou1 - September 6th, 2012

Yup, it's clear that they are communist pieces of shit. They don't mind a thread of people attacking Christians, but when I made an observational post that went against the liberal/marxist agenda, they deleted the post and banned my account. They banned me because of "racism", but I'll let you be the judge on whether this is "racist" or not (hint - it's not):

I'm talking about the question after that. I asked "how is that post racist?". Why are you having trouble answering that question?

Let me just clarify what I meant by that anyways since I doubt you have the braincells to compute even the most simplest logic. When you have a culture that involves worshipping outlaws, drugs, drug-dealers, rappers that praise drugs, praise kids for under-aged sex, and other unlawful things, how is that not degenerate?

Likewise, having a race known for grouping up on individuals and mugging them (even if the person was an old man or woman), how can you say that ISN'T weak?

You see, there is no racism at all. I am just stating the facts the way that they are. If what I have just said is racist, then please tell me what ISN'T racist.

I'm really fed-up with gamefaqs and if there was another video-game community as big as them, then I would go to it on demand. It's obvious the mods on commiefaqs is too biased and too closed-minded to actually do their job.

Post your thoughts.

Comments (5)

It's definitely not racist, as you can't really attach a political agenda to any race whatsoever. That's completely retarded.

Left got soo desperate that they are now using sex warfare by manipulating women along with class warfare and race warfare. Not to sound political or anything, but it's the left wing agenda that is dividing us.

As a Libertarian, I revile this brand of double standards. I mean, if it's ok to go after right-wing fundamentalists and national security conservatives; then going after the left is also permissible under the First Amendment.

The problem is, they have their own vision of first amendment. They believe in first amendment so as long as it pertains to their agenda. Their version of free-speech is it is okay to attack non-minorities and wealthy individuals, but if you as much as criticize minorities or their agenda in any kind of way, you are an ignorant racist bigot. I can even link you to a thread of Christian bashing on gamefaqs right now. See how much this disgusts you:

http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/61 5803-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim/6 3971383

Now you know how a conservative Christian feels about these real ignorant bigots that run gamefaqs.

You do realise that being such a large site, they CANNOT infact keep that type of thread on their site without risking legal action against them.

Wasn't a thread, it was a post. Regardless, there was nothing unlawful about that post. Then again, the law system is soo screwed up, but that is for another debate.

don't people get banned there for joking about being under 13

Yup. That is actually kind of a good thing that they ban underaged users. Unfortunately, you're still not allowed to use curse words, or pretty much state a simple fact on that site without getting banned as well. Kind of ironic that they don't allow certain words, though.

Yeah, real mature dude.

Acting like a dumbass on Gamefaqs doesn't give you any sympathy from me, and I'm free speech advocate and a libertarian. They have their rules as a private enterprise, and it was clear as day that you broke them in a blantant matter. I'm not trying to crucify you, but it hard to agree when you put up a bitchfit over something that you did and was against the rules.

Then again, what do I know?

Explain how I was being a dumbass? What I said was not racist at all, nor was it offensive. If what I've said was offensive, then the people who were making fun of christianity in that one topic also should have had their accounts banned. No, it's because the admins on the site are hypocritical douchebags with their own agenda. I only hope everyone comes to realize this and one day, overturn the gamefaqs forum and get rid of every crony that runs the site. Believe me, they are anything but free speech.