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Good game, but...

You should NOT add more than 2 Sonic Characters in this game. I mean for real, there are soo many other characters you could have added instead of them. Also, the hit tests are kind of glitchy. For starters, characters slide as if they are fighting on a sheet of ice. There is no friction on the ground, so every time I want to turn, I end up sliding off the stage. I know you're trying to make it more "realistic," but gameplay is something that you should be focusing on.

Second, when two character or enemy sprites collide into each other, they pass through each other like ghosts. Something else that is kind of frustrating. Perhaps you can also create two different attack keys for regular and special moves. Another problem is the fact that Master Hand's attack where his fist flies vertically downward is very unpredictable. His fist should be high enough so that the player knows where it's at. Not only that, but he should pause for 1 second before slamming his fist down so that it's actually possible to dodge the attack.

Third of all, in Smash The Targets, there's this one target that moves soo fast that it's pretty much impossible to hit it. It took me literally one minute to chase that target and to smash it. Perhaps you should lower the speed of the targets?

Those are the only concerns I will share because I only played through classic mode once. So once again, less Sonic characters, better player hit test, less broken Master Hand, and slower moving targets.

This review will probably be negative due to stupid Sonic fanboys, but I will rate this 8/10. Good game, just a couple of glitches that make it frustrating.

This game. I like it.

One question I have is where is Lucario? I want to know if he's in the game. Other then that, it's a fine game.

Some questions had more than 1 answer

As an example, you asked what enemy can die from a pistol from 1 shot. True, grunts die from a single headshot, but don't hunters also die from a single pistol shot on any difficulty (yes even legendary).

Also you asked what color Cortana is. Well primarily she is purple (according to Halo 2 which is also PC compatible) but in the PC (which this quiz is primarily based on) her colors alternate in a specific sequence of colors (purple, blue, orange, yellow).

Also, questions such as what noises do grunts mostly made are very confusing. Grunts make various amounts of noises, and not to mention the sounds are very dynamic, so sounds that one individual may experience may differ to another.

You also asked what the UNSC was and none of the answers are correct. The UNSC is a military and scientific agency OF the UEG (Unified Earth Government). That's like saying the navy is part of a government, but it's a unified branch of the military that is part of the United States Government.

There are many other flaws that I could list, but I think it's safe to say that I have made my point. I like the ranking system (nice pic of Cortana btw) and I would totally encourage you to make a sequel of this quiz if you could possibly take my advice.


I love that game, infact the second part when mario and luigi entered the castle, the humor was there. But the game has a good rating for the interactivity. Good work and good luck on your other flash work.....

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